About Support My Program

www.supportmyprogram.com is a first of its kind service created by parents faced with the challenge of raising money for their children’s activities.
Despite the development of technology and online marketing fundraising has not changed since our parent’s generation. (ie. raffles, programs, outings, pledge drives etc.) All of these techniques can be effective and have a place in a fundraising strategy but have significant drawbacks:

    Overlooks the most powerful component of you supporter base. Purchasing Power!

    Asking people to do things they otherwise do not do

    Each event is static instead of systematically continuously raising funds

    Disguising a donation request with an advertising solicitation

Leveraging technology and online marketing Support My Program has created a fund raising engine that gives you unlimited continuous fund raising potential through your supporter base as well as others.


    First Support My Program has over 3000 merchants such as Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Costco, Ebay, etc. All of the places that your supporters shop at every day. When they purchase products from these companies a portion of the sales price is donated to your program(s).

    Second Support My Program provides you the tools and service to create My-Pons (Vendor Coupons) that present a real business proposition for your vendor supporters (instead of “advertising” disguised as a donation) and real value for your supporters who already shop with those vendors.
No matter who buys the coupon, your supporter or someone else, the vendor and your program get paid on the sale of the coupon. The purchaser gets a significant discount.